Welcome to HajiAdvisor

Welcome to HajiAdvisor
  20 - Mar - 2017

HajiAdvisor is the worlds leading Hajj & Umrah review site, enabling Pilgrims to carry out the necessary due diligence on tour operators as well as the hotels being offered in their packages.

With this sacred once in a lifetime journey, it is important that pilgrims have all the accurate information to hand before making that all important decision.

The site is independently run from the Hajj & umrah industry thus providing an unbiased platform for reviewers and operators alike to get an accurate picture of the services they offer and which pilgrims have received.

The crucial part to this site is the nature in which reviews are posted and monitored, in a secure format, giving users peace of mind that they are reading genuine user reviews.

The site has been developed to eliminate (as much as possible) multiple posts and fake reviews.

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